Hilsa Fish Price Remains High Despite Increased Supply 


Bhadrak: Fishermen at Dhamra in Bhadrak district are netting huge amounts of monsoon delicacy, Hilsa.  The delectable hilsa seems to be fast dwindling from the markets but the sky-high prices are keeping it out of reach of the common man.   

Due to the torrential rains and early morning winds, the Dhamra area’s fishermen have been catching tons of Hilsa for the past three days. However, small Hilsa are less visible, while larger Hilsa are trapped. The price is also skyrocketing as the demand for big Hilsa is high.  

Hilsa below 1 kilogram weight is fetching Rs 1200.  Whereas, Hilsa weighing above 1 kilogram is selling at something above Rs 1900. Similarly, Hilsa weighing 500 to 600 grams is being sold at Rs 600, the fishermen said.   

While fishermen believe the price of this much-loved fish may come down in the coming days if the favourable weather condition for Hilsa catch continues for some days.     

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