High-profile builders, developers and tech parks among On Bengaluru encroachers’ list


Bengaluru: High-profile builders, developers and tech parks are among the list of alleged encroachers who closed up around 700 storm water drains in Bengaluru that led to last week’s flood in parts of the city.

The list includes Wipro, Prestige, Eco Space, Bagmane Tech Park, Columbia Asia Hospital and Divyashree Villas.

It also appears that while demolitions are on in full swing for common man’s properties, behemoth companies are yet to be touched.

A demolition drive, though, has been carried on the premises of Nalapad Academy of International School in east Bengaluru, which belongs to a leader of the opposition Congress, which had been the biggest critic of Karnataka’s BJP government over the floods. The school belongs to Congress Youth President Mohammed Nalapad.

In the eastern part of Bengaluru, the boundary wall of a four-storey building was razed while residents were inside their homes on Tuesday.


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