Here’s Why You Should Start Your Day With Soaked Almonds

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New Delhi: Soaked almonds are extremely healthy for you. One of the oldest rituals followed in almost every Indian household is to eat soaked almonds is first thing in the morning. Here are some amazing health benefits of soaked almonds.

Good source of nutrients

Almonds are packed with multiple nutrients. It offers you fiber, protein, vitamin E, magnesium, and many more. It is a nutritious way to start your day with a punch of nutrients.

Improves digestion

Soaked almonds can boost digestion as well. It helps in the absorption of nutrients. These also promote the production of an enzyme that promotes digestion.

Do Wonders With Skin And Hair

Almonds are rich in vitamin E which is amazing for your skin and hair. Vitamin E in almonds can make your skin smooth and supple. Using almond oil for skin is also beneficial.

Boost Brain

Soaked almonds promote memory. It is good for your brain which is exactly why your mother makes you eat more almonds during exam time.

Improves cholesterol

Almonds promote healthy levels of good cholesterol. This boosts heart health. Soaked almonds can also help in controlling blood pressure which is also good for heart health.

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