Helpdesk to curb cyber crime: Police Commissioner


Bhubaneswar: Police Commissioner Sudhanshu Sarangi said people can immediately seek help of police if they fall victim to any tricks of the online fraudsters.

He said the Helpdesk will function will be manned by one sub-inspector rank officer and seven constables  from the Special Squad Office.

The Twin City Commissionerate Police on Thursday launched a helpdesk with emergency helpline number 7440006709 to curb cyber crime.

Addressing a presser on the launch of the helpdesk Sarangi said if the Special Squad knows immediately about the online fraud then the account can be blocked and money retrieved.

Sarangi said the solution doesn’t lie by simply disconnecting the phone call when one receives calls or messages seeking bank account details. The solution lies in helping yourself and helping others as well by reporting the matter to the help desk, he added.

The Police Commissioner stated that especially women and children get phone calls from unknown numbers repeatedly often leading to harassment. In such events the phone number should be reported to the helpdesk so that the SIM card will be deactivated.

The police commissioner said the objective is to restrict the SIM card use for a single time only. The criminal will never be successful for defrauding a number of people.


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