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Cuttack: Millions of Indians have tobacco smoking or chewing habits. Whether smoked or chewed, tobacco has ill effects on both oral as well as general health. Its alarming to see so many younger people also getting addicted to this habit.

Oral cancer is the third most commonly occurring cancer in India.

Dentists see patients with tobacco habits day in and day out in their practice in our country. Since, the oral cavity is the first to get exposed to tobacco, a lot of harmful effects have been observed in the oral cavity due to its prolonged use.

Tobacco consumption has bad effects on teeth, gums, tongue, breath and might also lead to precancerous as well as cancerous conditions. It leads to staining of teeth, dry mouth, inflammation of gums, periodontitis, and many more adverse conditions.

Consumption of tobacco, can lead to a precancerous condition or even oral cancer.

If the habit continues and no treatment is done, a precancerous condition could get converted into cancer.

Precancerous conditions include- Leukoplakia (due to tobacco habit a white patch appears on the oral mucosa), oral sub mucous fibrosis (in this condition, patient develops reduced mouth opening, burning sensation of mouth and thick fibrous bands of mucosa). If not treated, both of these conditions have potential to get converted into cancer.

Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common oral cancer witnessed in India.

Life is precious. To lead a good quality of life, one should not indulge in such habits, rather invest in healthy habits like eating healthy food, maintaining good oral hygiene and exercising.

If someone is willing to quit tobacco and needs guidance, then they could seek help from a dentist who could guide them ways to stop this habit.

After all, your body is your most priceless possession. Take care of it.


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