Haridaspur-Paradip Line: ECoR Appeals Locals To Allow Trial Runs Of Goods Trains


Bhubaneswar: The East Coast Railway (ECoR) has appealed people not to oppose trial runs of goods trains on Haridaspur-Paradip Railway Line which was started yesterday i.e on July 31.

The much-awaited Haridaspur-Paradip Railway Line work is almost complete. Trial runs of goods trains were started on July 31. The ECoR appreciated the aspirations of the people of the area in and around this line for having passenger train services.

The ECoR said people that trial runs of goods trains are necessary for the line to settle for safe train running.

ECoR informed the public that for passenger train running many other safety works and passenger facilities are essential to be done. Trial runs of goods trains is a pre-step to culminate in running of passenger trains till the essential safety works are completed and passenger facilities are created.

Obstructing these goods train trial runs as happened yesterday, will push the whole process of making this line fit for passenger trains farther into the future.

ECoR, therefore, appeals to you to enable these goods train trial runs so that the line can be made fit for running passenger trains in the near future.

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