Happy Global Day of Parents 2023!


New Delhi: The Global Day of Parents, celebrated on June 1 every year, marks the critical role played by parents in their children’s lives. It is an opportunity to appreciate and honor the love, dedication, and sacrifices of parents worldwide. The day reflects the importance of parenting and the well-being of families.

The United Nations General Assembly declared 1994 as the International Year of the Family when the Economic and Social Council and the Commission for Social Development called upon the Secretary-General to prioritize family-related issues. In 2012, the General Assembly officially designated June 1 as the Global Day of Parents to highlight the significance of families.

The day holds immense significance as it honors the crucial role of parents in raising their children and shaping society as a whole. It offers a chance to promote the importance of parental guidance in nurturing the next generation which aims to create awareness and support for families.

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