Happy Birthday Ratan Tata!

New Delhi: Tata Sons’ Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata turned 83 today. For the unversed, he served as the Tata Group Chairman for over two decades before retiring at the age of 75 on his birthday in 2012. He is pretty much active on social media and he dedicates his time to philanthropy and also invests in emerging start-ups.

He at the current time holds a full-time leadership role at Tata Trusts, which owns 66 percent of the group holding company, Tata Sons.

One of the tallest leaders of India Inc, Ratan, lauded the leadership of Prime minister Narendra Modi during the pandemic. Speaking at Industry body Assocham’s Foundation week, Ratan Tata, Chairman Tata Trusts said that the PM has not dithered and led the country from the front in a difficult period.

“In all the years that I have been in business, I have been respectful of what our Prime Minister has been wanting to do, the leadership he has given us in the worst year of the pandemic and the drop in economic levels. You have been the carrier of leadership, You have not dithered, You have not escaped, you have led the country from the front”, Ratan Tata said to the Prime Minister.

In an article titled, “Be humble, but also be brave” in Times of India newspaper, Tata writes, the world experiences cycles whether it is in business, health or epidemics, but it is important for humans to rise above and deal with the problems with creativity and agility as these cycles get more entrenched.

He stressed upon the need to create a culture of creativity citing the examples of US innovators and entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk which he attributed to the culture of valuing creativity in the US.

In the end, he surmised with four things that need to be kept into mind going into 2021

1 Let’s not take the universe for granted, there is a large power that governs us.

2 Let’s learn to live with humility and gratitude, as life is uncertain. We must do our best to keep ourselves safe by co-creating solutions that address all humankind.

3 Technology is transforming the way we eat, live, learn and play — let us be brave enough to embrace it and find solutions collectively through collaboration.

4 And lastly, to be part of this high world transformation that is happening around us, we need to foster a culture of innovation that converges with the right investment without fear of failure.