H-1B visa: Trump administration initiates process to ban work permits


New Delhi: The Trump administration has initiated the process of banning work permits for spouses of H-1B holders. This move will affect H-1B visa holders in US.

The US government on May 22 had issued a notice for the proposed rule-making that will encourage public consultations to ban work visa programme launched by the previous Obama administration.

Media reports said that the Department of Homeland Security wrote that American citizens would benefit “by having a better chance at obtaining jobs that some of the population of the H-4 workers currently hold”.

The Trump administration had first indicated the scrapping of the programme in February last year. Even if this proposal goes through, it would take a while for it to actually take effect, said, policy watchers.

Since Donald Trump became President in 2017, the US has tightened immigration rules across the board.

A report said most tech firms have increased their local hiring in the US. Analysts said if an employee’s spouse can no longer pursue a career in the US, then more people will turn down US postings.

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