Gunmen kill 13 people in Mexico


Mexico City: Unidentified gunmen opened fire at a party in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz killing 13 people including a child, authorities said.

Reports said four other persons present in the party were injured in the attack.

Initial reports said that the gunmen were in search of a person, named El Beky, the owner of a bar located in Minatitlan city in Veracruz. The authorities said further details are awaited.

Gutierrez Maldonado, secretary of public security in Veracruz state, tweeted:”Federal and state forces have deployed a strong search and capture operation of those responsible for the events”.

News agencies quoting officials said that an investigation in the matter was launched to find those responsible for the shootings.

Veracruz state Governor Cuitlahuac Garcia tweeted that the authorities have held an emergency meeting to address the dastardly act.

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