Group Clash Over Land Dispute Turns Violent, 9 Injured


Nabarangpur: At least nine persons were injured in a clash that broke out in Mahuli village of Nabarangpur district.

According to sources, the clash erupted as a result of a long-running dispute over a piece of land (kept aside for Goddess), that was being ploughed by villagers. However, the priest’s family and locals of Jani Sahi protested the same.

Following this, the incident was dragged into court after which Section 144 was imposed on the piece of land.

Despite this, villages continued farming on the land even after continuous opposition by the priest’s family.

Irked over this, both the sides engaged themselves in an argument that later turned ugly as the groups started attacking each other.

While eight persons were injured, one has been reported to be critical. Both the sides have now registered a case with Papadahandi police.

Reportedly, Tumbarla police have also seized the weapons used in the attack, sources said.

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