GOT7’s Jinyoung To Star In New Korean Revenge Thriller Movie

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Seoul: South Korean actor Jinyoung, soloist and singer from well-liked Okay-pop group GOT7, was confirmed to be starring in the upcoming movie “Christmas Carol” (literal title). Based on the Korean novel of the same name, the film will be a psychological action thriller about a twin who voluntarily enters a juvenile detention center to avenge the death of his brother.

Jinyoung will playing the dual role of both Joo Il Woo and Joo Wol Woo, the two twin brothers at the center of the story.

“Christmas Carol,” which is based on the novel with the same title and written by Joo Won-kyu, follows the story of a boy who enters a youth detention center on his own to revenge the death of his twin brother.

“Christmas Carol” will be penned by Kim Sung Soo, the director behind the first season of OCN’s “Save Me,” as well as the films “Running Wild” and “Genome Hazard.”

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