Google Will Soon Warn Users If Search Results Not Reliable


New Delhi: Search giant Google will start telling users when they search for a topic that may have unreliable results. The search giant has informed that users should get relevant and reliable information from Google.

Google confirmed to Recode that it started testing the feature about a week ago. Currently, the company says the notice is only showing up in a small percentage of searches, which tend to be about developing trending topics.

This tool comes as a fix for Google showing incorrect information at times of breaking news or emerging scenarios. Now, the new warning won’t stop incorrect or false information from surfacing on Google, it could help in removing some of the false legitimacy that a high Google ranking can create of an early and unreliable source.

Notably, companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook have often struggled to handle the high volume of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and unverified news stories that run rampant on the internet.

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