Google Tells Employees To Return To Offices In April 4


California: The search giant Google has said that it will end the work-from-home system for employees and asked them to return to the office on April 4.

Previously, Google had also eased the vaccination guidelines. It no longer wants its employees who are working from home to get both the Covid-19 vaccines. However, Google has asked employees to wear masks at the office.

“It’s been a long and challenging two years since the vast majority of our people started working from home. But the advances in prevention and treatment, the steady decline in cases that we continue to see, and the improved safety measures we have implemented across our Bay Area sites now mean we can officially begin the transition to the hybrid work week,” John Casey, Google’s vice president of global benefits said in an email to employees. The email was obtained by CNBC.

The development comes a week after Google eased the vaccination requirements.

“We’re not enforcing vaccination requirements as a condition of employment for US office workers at this time. We’re continuing to implement our vaccination policy requiring COVID-19 vaccinations or approved accommodations for any individuals accessing our sites, because it’s one of the most important ways we can keep our workforce safe and keep our services running,” Google spokesperson Lora Lee Erickson said in a statement to The Verge.

Employees who are not vaccinated will have to follow Covid-related protocols which includes frequent testing, wearing masks, David Radcliffe, Google’s VP of real estate and workplace services had said in a note to employees. His note further mentioned that amenities like fitness centers, shuttle services, pantries, and “all informal spaces” will be reopening soon.

Earlier in December, Google had sent a memo to its employees stating that employees who were found flouting vaccination rules would eventually be fired from the company.

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