Google ‘Nearby Sharing’ Soon On Chrome Browser


New Delhi: Google will soon make an official announcement of its feature ‘Nearby Sharing’.It is also going to come on Google’s Chrome browser.

The feature is already rolling out to Android users.

Ahead of a wide roll-out, Google’s Nearby Sharing has debuted in Chrome’s latest Canary release.

A desktop version of the Nearby Sharing is seen in action.

According to the report, Nearby Sharing will be available via chrome://nearby.

On this page, you will see options such as select people to you would like to share a document/multimedia with. On the right-hand side, you will see a list of compatible devices nearby as well.

Google’s Nearby Sharing will be available on Windows, Chromebook, Mac, and Linux platforms. The recent Windows 10 1803 build already supports the feature.

Nearby Sharing will allow you to share content with compatible devices in the proximity using your mobile data or Wi-Fi network.

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