Google Maps used for robbing rich people


Chennai: A professional thief used Google maps for robbing houses of rich people living in posh localities in city here.

Police sources said the high tech thief  was arrested in Hyderabad after a long search operation. The incident came to light after a doctor working in Apollo hospital in Chennai was robbed.

Sources said the police couldn’t identify the thief as there was no evidence left. Police said they were nonplussed not to get trace of the high tech robbery.

Similar incidents happening  in various posh localities of Chennai like Valluvar Kottam has left the police confused about the culprit.

Police got the clue after an Andhra Pradesh-based thief named Sathiya Reddy was arrested at Telangana.

In the course of investigation, Hyderabad police were shocked to find out that Sathiya Reddy was the thief who was also involved in Nungambakkam and Valluvar Kottam theft cases. Upon further probing the thief, they were shocked to hear his modus operandi.






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