Google Maps Adds Live Crowd Feature For Public Transport

New Delhi: Google Maps has started rolling out new features to help people to make an informed decision before they leave for the holidays.

The features are arriving now – at a time when the cases are on a rise in India. Fears of super spreading during the holidays and festive season are increasing and now Google has arrived with a feature which will help people make informed decisions.

Google Maps will now show you information regarding all-time detected COVID cases in an area, the last-day trend, and the number of deaths due to the coronavirus – giving you a fair idea of how the situation is outside before you head out.

Also, Google Maps is offering live crowdedness information on public transport. Google announced in their blog that they will be rolling out new features which will offer more information which will inevitably help you during the COVID-19 crisis. The first one brings the ability to see COVID-19 information regarding a region.