After Google and Facebook, WhatsApp blocked in China


Beijing: Instant messaging service WhatsApp has been largely blocked in China, according to reports.

Though the exact reason for the block is not to know, it could be due to the strong end-to-end encryption that protects WhatsApp messages from being decoded or snooped upon.

WhatsApp was the last available products from Facebook in the country after the social media website was banned in the year 2009. The image sharing app Instagram is also unavailable.

Over the last few months, there were a number of WhatsApp disruptions in China.

However, WhatsApp has not made an official announcement on the development.

China has already blocked access to a number of internet companies, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google.

China is clamping more of such Internet services that store user data outside of the country. New rules have been enforced which command the tech companies to keep only specific data and to be kept inside the country.

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