Google Duo To Stop Working On Uncertified Android Devices

New Delhi: Google Duo, which is one of the best video-calling apps on the Android platform and can add up to 32 participants at once, will stop working on uncertified Android smartphones in the near future.

Earlier, the Google Messages app had stopped working on phones which were not certified.

Uncertified Android devices are those which are not tested by Google and do not come with Play services and a suite of Google apps pre-installed. One of the notable smartphone brands which is set to lose support for Google Duo will be Huawei. For users who purchased a smartphone from brands like Nokia, Samsung, OnePlus, Vivo, Oppo and others, Google Duo will continue to run smoothly.

For users that will lose Google Duo support, a message will flash when they open the app, “Duo is going away soon. Because you’re using an unsupported device, Duo will unregister your account on this device soon. Download your Clips and call history to avoid losing them.”

As per the code, uncertified Android device users will get up to March 31, 2021 to download their data before it vanishes. There is also an additional grace period of 14 days after that.