Google Doodle Thanks All The Healthcare Workers and Scientific Researchers


New Delhi: Google decided to celebrate and thank the public health workers as well as the scientific community with a doodle that is featured on the search engine’s main page.

The doodle is animated. It’s left side shows a scientist at work with glasses. The ‘G’ then pops up a heart that is sent to the ‘E’ at the very end, as a token of love and appreciation given to the hardworking community.

The colourful, animated doodle captures the spirit of the hardwork of the essential service providers and their relentless dedication to eradicating the virus. The doodle also shows a scientist at work with glasses and a heart emoji is being sent to him, as a token of love and appreciation for the entire community.

“Thank You: Public Health Workers and Researchers in the Scientific Community,” Google said. Further, it added, “To all the public health workers and to researchers in the scientific community, thank you.”

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