Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Gets Makeover To Celebrate Tokyo Olympics


New Delhi: A very well-known Google Chrome dinosaur game gets a makeover to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics 2021. The Chrome dinosaur game is one that we’re all quite familiar with.

Usually, the game involves jumping over cacti but to celebrate Olympics, the game will get added elements including gymnastics, surfing, track and field, swimming, and equestrian. The dinosaur even wears special outfits for each event and can win medals as well.

Interestingly, you do not get to be offline or have internet downtime to play the sport. To access it any time, simply open the Google Chrome browser, and sort chrome://dino within the address bar to open the sport at any point. The Chrome dinosaur game is now live for the browser on all platforms, so you’ll play it on any device that you simply would want to.

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