Google Celebrates Popular Bubble Tea With Interactive Doodle


New Delhi: Google, the tech giant, is celebrating the popular bubble tea with an interactive doodle game on its homepage.

Clicking on the doodle takes you to a rainy mountainous setting, where there is a bubble tea cart and a group of animated customers lining up for the beverage. You are given prompts about how much of each ingredient you’ll need to add to make a perfect bubble tea serving. Each drink you hand out earns you a star.

It was on this day in 2020 when bubble tea was officially announced as a new emoji.

The doodle is the work of a team of artists, UX designers, engineers, producers and researchers, all of whom were credited in a note below the doodle.

Bubble tea is a drink loved across the world. It can be milky, sweet and fruity, with added fruit jelly or tapioca balls. These bubbly balls give the beverage it’s name. Other names of it are boba tea and pearl milk tea.

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