Google Celebrates BTS ARMY’s Ninth Anniversary In A Special Way


Seoul: BTS AMY celebrates its 9th anniversary on July 9. Today, on a special occasion, the Bangtan Boys band collaborated with Google and gave a stunning gift to the ARMY giving them an opportunity to unlock a secret Easter Egg.

Whoever types BTS on Google, a purple-coloured ballon will be seen on the right side of the page. Just click on it balloons will start coming from below the screen.

Pop the balloons that are heart in shape with a mike inside it. You can hear each member saying “I Purple You”.

ARMY aka ‘Adorable Representative MCs for Youth’ is a fandom that has become extremely powerful.

Over the course of years, the fandom has grown exponentially. Together, they all support BTS. The fans come up with many amazing ideas and activities to showcase their love for the boys. From special parks named after a member, donation drives, to informational projects, and more, they are always coming up with unique ideas to do something special in the band’s name.


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