Godrej Launches India’s Most Eco-Friendly AC


Mumbai: Godrej Appliances has launched its widest range of eco-friendly air conditioners to deliver maximum cooling with minimal impact on the environment.

The entire range spanning 38+ models, uses only the most eco-friendly refrigerants – R290 and R32, thus offering the lowest Global Warming Potential (GWP).

With Green at its heart, the new series of Godrej ACs use only R290 and R32 refrigerant. Both these refrigerants have ‘Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), causing no harm to the Earth’s ozone layer, thereby protecting the Earth and its atmosphere from harmful ultraviolet radiations of the Sun.

Secondly, these refrigerants have the ‘Lowest Global Warming Potential’ of only 3 for R290 and 675 for R32, as compared with other refrigerants with GWP of 1810 and above.

The ACs are loaded with features ensuring powerful cooling.

The ACs come with inverter technology for precise cooling, twin rotary compressor for efficient operation, Smart IOT enabled Diagnosis for easy maintenance, anti-corrosive blue and gold fin coating on evaporator and condenser for trouble-free product usage.

This apart, multi-layered acoustic jacked for Silent Operation, Active Carbon, anti-bacterial and anti-dust filters for air purification, up to 30 Meter long piping flexibility for convenient installation and which also reflects its heavy duty cooling capacity, and many more features have been added to the new models.

Kamal Nandi, the business head and executive vice president of Godrej Appliances said, “True to our promise of brighter living, at Godrej, our endeavor has always been to delight our stakeholders with innovative, relevant and green technologies while being true to our commitment towards the environment.”

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