Go on a pilgrimage to temples in Bhubaneswar


Odisha’s capital Bhubaneshwar is famous for its temples and more. Most of them are dedicated to Lord Shiva. The taxi service in Bhubaneswar offers you a choice of vehicles, convenient pickups, courteous drivers and transparent billing when you opt for the Savaari tour-packages in Bhubaneshwar. Savaari is the largest taxi aggregator with a presence in 98 cities, an online platform to ease your bookings and transparent online bookings.

Bhubaneshwar is a name derived from Sanskrit. Ancient scriptures claim Shiva’s favorite place was under a huge mango tree in Bhubaneshwar. The temples in Odisha and Bhubaneswar have a combination of a central spire on a sculpted base with a square porch and pyramidal roof, honoring Shiva, Vishnu, and Surya temples.

One can weave through the masses and find spaces for quiet contemplation and commune with the deities.

Lingaraj Temple with a 180 feet tall spire and 64 smaller shrines in the temple complex is beautifully sculpted with horses, dancing girls, gods etc. The entry to this 11th-century temple is restricted to Hindus. A viewing platform for non-Hindus is provided.

Mukteshwar Temple is about 34 feet tall and small in comparison. Its exquisite ceiling and stone archway comprises an eight-petal lotus. Other carved images like the lion-head appear in temple architecture from this time onwards. The name is drawn from Sanskrit. The sculptures include animals, Jain and ascetic monks in meditation poses. It is worth watching the Dance Festival held here in mid-January each year.

Rajarani Temple is unique as no particular deity is worshipped in this 10th century AD temple. Instead, its name suggests it was a pleasure resort of an Oriya king and queen. A variety of sandstone used in its making makes it famous. Erotic sculptures cause it to be called the Eastern Khajuraho. A dance festival is held here every January.

Brahmeswara Temple honors the deity Brahmeshwar and is about 60 feet in height. The use of Iron beams and depiction of musicians and dancers appear here for the first time. The lotus-porch is similar to the Mukteshwar temple and the erotic couples similar to the Rajarani temple. There are some frightening sculptures of Shiva and very many of animals, gods and goddesses on the exteriors.

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The month of January is the best time to visit Bhubaneswar when the temperatures are moderate. Relax and unwind in the comfort of AC cars chauffeured or rent-a-car from Savaari if you like to drive yourself. Wishing the pilgrims a safe and fulfilling experience on their spiritual tour!

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