Girl expelled from college for calling professors ‘anti-nationals’ on Facebook


Bhopal: A student of the Motilal Vigyan Mahavidyalay (MVM) in Bhopal was expelled for a year after she termed its teaching staff “anti-nationals” in her Facebook post.

The post was uploaded after MVM authorities denied permission to hold a programme at the college auditorium marking the death of revolutionary Bhagat Singh.

Officials said that Asma Khan, a member of the Bhagat Kranti Dal and second-year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) student, was removed from the Institute for a period of one year after she uploaded the social media post.

Reportedly, “Two groups, the BKD and another students’ union (the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad), had sought permission for their respective programmes to mark Bhagat Singh’s death anniversary which falls on March 23. After permission was denied to both groups, BKD member Asma Khan called the teachers and professors anti-nationals in a Facebook post”.

College principal said, the decision to expel Khan for a period of one year was taken by the college’s staff council. “She should either withdraw this post or submit an apology for such a comment. It is not acceptable. She also said that the college was patronising anti-national activities”.

“The student’s post went viral on social media. We are not against such events but the college auditorium had been engaged till March 20 for a training programme being conducted by the government. Moreover, there was a possibility that the duration of the training programme could be extended,” Principal said.

Khan said, “It is surprising that the college authorities decided to rusticate me for one year on the basis of a Facebook post without issuing me a showcause notice or following set procedures”.

She said the post, which was uploaded on March 19, was deleted immediately. “The post didn’t name any person. My rights are being ignored,” she claimed.

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