Girl dies of alleged medical negligence; locals block road


Salepur: Tension prevailed in Mahanga Ostamula village after scores of locals staged a road blockade since last night over the death of girl due to alleged medical negligence at Acharya Harihara Regional Cancer Centre in Cuttack.

According to reports, the deceased girl Gitanjali, who was suffering from cancer, was admitted to the cancer treatment centre on Saturday. But, she was declared dead by the doctors.

However, the deceased girl’s family members alleged that she died due to medical negligence.

Following this, the villagers blocked the Cuttack-Kuanpala road by placing the girl’s body on the road last night following which the vehicular movement in the area came to a halt.

According to available information, the villagers allowed passing of vehicles after tehsildar reached the spot and gave the bereaved family Rs 10,000 from the Red Cross fund today morning.

He also assured to take into consideration the demands of the agitators to provide more compensation the deceased’s family.

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