Ghare Ghare Arunima emerges as new forerunner for childhood development


Bhubaneswar: The unique initiative by the Department of Women and Child Development and Mission Shakti to implement “Ghare Ghare Arunima” is an extremely encouraging, stimulating and successful initiative during the pandemic the situation of Covid-19.

Through this innovative initiative participation of male members in the family, such as the father, grandfather, uncle, elder brother etc. has been ensured. This has been implemented since April 2020 during the lockdown in the state. Through “Ghare Ghare Arunima Calendar” Pre-school children are provided with teaching-learning materials in a more appealing and exciting way based on the monthly themes of “Nua Arunima”. The theme for September month is “Birds and Animals” which has been shared with all the District Social Welfare Officers (DSWOs) well ahead of the month with departmental instruction to ensure receipt by all the eligible beneficiaries.

Parents/Caregivers who are having Android Phone and Internet the facility, the calendar is being sent to them through WhatsApp and YouTube link is also shared with them. Parents/Caregivers without Android Phone and Internet facility are provided with the coloured photocopy in A-3 size paper of the Ghare Ghare Arunima Calendar.

Pre-School Children are gaining knowledge on the monthly themes through songs, story, play, toys, dance, drawing, open discussion, recitation etc. in an enjoyable and funfilled environments with the support of the Parent/Caregivers even without coming to the Anganwadi Centre.

One positive aspect of this Ghare Ghare Arunima is the active participation of the male members of the family. The department has received spectacular photographs and reactions from many of the districts about the collective and cooperative approaches of male members. One of the fathers expressed his emotions after his involvement in the monthly activities – “I was overwhelmed while sharing the story on “Hunter and Bird” to explain her about the importance of working together “DalaraBala”. The pleasure of spending time creatively with my child will be memorable.

In Ghare Ghare Arunima Calendar, doing various activities on a daily basis with the active involvement of male members in the family has been encouraged along with practicing positive behaviours likehand washing, using mask, maintaining social distance and other positive actions during the pandemic of Covid-19.Child’s social, physical, mental and overall development is greatly influenced by the family and societal environment and it shape the child’s personality which can be augmented and strengthened with improved male participation.


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