Get Ready For Pain-Free Dose As COVID-19 Vaccine Patches To Soon Replace Syringes


Get ready for pain-free dose as University of Queensland scientists have tested a COVID-19 vaccine patch. The study was published in the journal Science Advances.

The Australian-US team researchers developed the novel microneedle patch to deliver a COVID-19 DNA vaccine into the skin. The separable microneedle patch, which can be stored for over 30 days at room temperature, was found to induce strong immune responses in cells and mice.

The team used patches measuring one square centimeter that were dotted with more than 5,000 microscopic spikes.

These tips are coated with an experimental vaccine and the patch is clicked on with an applicator that resembles a hockey puck.

The researchers used a so-called ‘subunit’ vaccine that reproduces the spikes that dot the surface of the coronavirus.

A sub-group of mice were given only one dose containing an additional substance called an adjuvant used to spur immune response.

Vaccines are normally injected into the muscles, but muscle tissue doesn’t contain very many immune cells needed to react to the drug.

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