Get Ready! 2-day Netflix Streamfest Starts Dec 5; Know More


New Delhi: Netflix is offering free streaming for Indian users from December 5. Video-streaming platform Netflix will offer free access to non-subscribers in India on December 5-6, amid increased competition in the country and in another attempt to ramp up its user base in India.

The promotional offer will allow users to watch the entire Netflix catalog which includes movies, shows, documentaries, and more. So here is what you can do to access content on Netflix free of cost

The Streamfest is strictly available for non-subscribers. This means that in order to proceed you will need an account on Netflix. For this, you will have to download either the Netflix app on your phone or visit website

After downloading the app, you will need to sign up by entering your name, phone number, email and then create a password

After you have successfully created your account either on the website or the app, you can access the entire catalogue for free on December 5 and December 6.

Notably, when you signup for the Streamfest, you will be given access to all the Netflix features that are available for paid users including Profiles, Parental Controls, Netflix in Hindi, My List, subtitles or dubs, Smart Downloads on mobile, and other important features.

Once you have signed up for the Streamfest, you can browse Netflix on your smart TV, gaming console, iOS, and Android apps and on the PC. However, the streaming quality would be Standard Definition (SD).

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