Germany’s Leipzig FC from scratch to top of Bundesliga as football awaits another fairy tale


Berlin : In quite rewriting a script of greatest fairy tale in football history  after  Leicester City’s dream run last year Germany’s  football club from largely odd eastern dominion RB Leipzig has turned upside down each and every bets and made  luck in their favour after going six points clear at the top of country’s elite football league Budesliga by beating Club Freiburg 4-1 earlier on Friday.

After 12 games into the season they have remained unbeaten so far and are sitting on top with 30 points. Just like the fairy tale ending to last year’s English Premier League as largely underrated and  relagation favourites Leicester City became the champion beating all odds.

The German league Bundesliga which is generally dominated by the likes of Bayern Munich and of late Borrusia Dortmund has found an unexpected competitor this season with Leipzig on firm footings after powering wins before the winter break.

Set up just seven years back in 2009, the club could only grow thanks to vociferous investment from Red Bull Company as it all started from a scratch.

Being the only club from the eastern zone of the country they are most hated out since the tensions between largely overwhelming east and west hasn’t eased out yet. This has really made their life hard in the top league but outscoring everyone they are just thumping everyone and are chasing a dream.

Financially they are growing up to a big charmer with the most net spending of 45 million pounds last summer they are being roped in as a team what more surprising that all the members in the club belong to the parent spender Red Bull. This is going to be a fantastic journey especially for these mad football lovers who challenge to take the football giants by horns.

With 9 wins and three draws in total their away performance has been more attractive as they have minced out 17 points out of possible 21.

Being a very successful club in U-17 and U-19 levels they have a mark of youth about themselves with an average team age of just 24 years they have so far played high pressing octane football and a mindful adaptability.

It remains to be seen whether Leipzig can write another breathtaking ending to this maddeningly beautiful game.

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