Gambling den thrives in Ranpur, cops turn blind eye


Nayagarh: Gambling dens are mushrooming at Ranpur in Nayagarh district even as cops turn a blind eye to the unlawful act.

According to the reports, a video captured by a spy camera clearly showed how elderly men accompanied by school children play cards in the gambling den.

The incident was reported from a backyard of a Dolamandap in Ranpur area. This has of late become a lucrative trade with ‘players’. Surprisingly the den is located barely a few metres away from the Ranpur police station.

The reports said that a gang of miscreants run the gambling racket in the area but the police have turned a blind eye to the illegal act. The place has turned into a haven for anti-social activities, sources said.

On the other hand, cops have stated that action will be initiated after locals file an official complaint with the police regarding the incident, sources said.

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