Gal Gadot Starrer Wonder Woman 1984 Earns $38.5 Million at Box Office in Opening Weekend


Washington: Wonder Woman 1984 grossed $38.5 million (about Rs. 283 crores) on its opening weekend that saw the DC film release in 32 markets.

The Gal Gadot-led Wonder Woman sequel brought in $18.8 million (about Rs. 138 crores) in China, followed by $3.6 million (about Rs. 26.5 crores) in Taiwan, $2 million (about Rs. 14.7 crores) in Thailand, $1.7 million (about Rs. 12.5 crores) in Brazil, $1.6 million (about Rs. 11.7 crores) in Japan, and $1.6 million (about Rs. 11.7 crores) in Mexico.

This week, Wonder Woman 1984 will release on Wednesday, December 23 in Austria, Germany, and South Korea; Thursday, December 24 in Hungary, India, and Slovenia; Friday, December 25 in Canada, Colombia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Venezuela, and the US; and Saturday, December 26 in Australia and New Zealand. On Christmas Day, the Wonder Woman sequel will also be available on the HBO Max streaming service, which is currently exclusive to the US.

Wonder Woman 1984 could have gotten a better worldwide opening had it not been for a surge of new coronavirus cases across Europe, which led governments to again close cinemas in major markets. France, Spain, and the UK were part of the early rollout.

Originally, Wonder Woman 1984 was supposed to open in theatres worldwide this summer, but its release date kept getting pushed back. The first film made over $821 million worldwide in 2017.

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