Fuel Rates Rise Again; Premium Petrol Prices Breach Rs 100/ltr Mark In Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh


New Delhi: Petrol and diesel rates across the country hit fresh record highs on Tuesday after they were hiked sharply for the eighth consecutive day. Petrol price has been hiked by roughly 30 paise across the country, while diesel has increased by approximately 35 paise.

Following today’s hike, petrol prices in Delhi climbed to Rs 89.29 (30 paise increase) a litre as against Rs 88.99 on Monday while diesel price jumped to Rs 79.70 per litre as compared to Rs 79.35 a litre on Monday, as per data from Indian Oil Corporation website.

In the last eight days, the petrol price has gone up by Rs 2.36 per litre for petrol while diesel rate has risen by Rs 2.91 a litre in the national capital. Petrol price in Delhi crossed Rs 89 per litre mark for the first time ever as OMCs continue to raise auto fuel prices in line with costs.

Citizens in Mumbai have to shell out Rs 95.75 for a litre of petrol after a 29 paise increase over Monday’s price. A litre of diesel costs Rs 86.72, 38 paise more than yesterday’s price of Rs 86.34 a litre. In Kolkata, the pump price of petrol was increased by 29 paise to Rs 90.54 a litre, from Rs 90.25 recorded on Monday. Diesel costs Rs 83.29 a litre, 35 paise more than Monday’s price.

Petrol became 26 paise dearer today in Chennai and is selling at Rs 91.45 per litre while diesel price went up to Rs 84.77, 33 paise more than yesterday’s price of Rs 84.44 a litre.

On the other hand, Indian Oil Corporation’s (IOCs), Xtra Premium Petrol, which a superior version of the auto fuels with additives, is being retailed now at over Rs 100 per litre in few cities in Rajasthan and Maharashtra. In Ujjain, the Extra premium petrol is priced at Rs 100.25 a litre while in Jaisalmer the same variety of petrol is priced at Rs 100.52 a litre.

In several other cities in the two states and in Madhya Pradesh, the fuel variety has either crossed Rs 100 per litre mark or is precariously close to the mark with reaching the miles atone as early as tomorrow if there is further price increase by OMCs.

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