Fuel Prices Unchanged On September 7


New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices remained constant throughout metros on September 7. In Delhi, the price of petrol stayed unchanged at Rs 101.19 per litre, while the price of diesel remained unchanged at Rs 88.62 per litre.

According to Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), the country’s top gasoline marketer, petrol is still selling at Rs 107.26 per litre in Mumbai.

According to the state-run oil refiner, Mumbai has the highest petrol and diesel pricing of the four metro cities. Because of the value-added tax, fuel prices differ from state to state.

State-owned oil refineries such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum adjust fuel prices on a daily basis, taking into account crude oil prices in international markets and rupee-dollar exchange rates. Any changes in gasoline and diesel prices take effect at 6 a.m. every day.

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