Fuel prices unchanged after five days of hike


New Delhi: The fuel (petrol and diesel) prices remain unchanged for October 25 after being hiked for five straight days across all the major cities.

The petrol and diesel prices in Delhi stand at an all-time high as the rates remain unchanged from yesterday. As per the Indian Oil Corporation, the petrol and diesel prices of Delhi are Rs 107.59 and Rs 96.32 per litre respectively.

The fuel prices in Mumbai are one of the highest in the entire country, with the petrol price per litre in the city is Rs 113.46 and the diesel price is Rs 104.38. The fuel prices in Chennai and Kolkata have also halted today after reaching an all-time high.

Petrol prices:

  • Delhi- Rs 107.59
  • Mumbai- Rs 113.46
  • Chennai- Rs 104.52
  • Kolkata- Rs 108.11

Diesel prices:

  • Delhi- Rs 96.32
  • Mumbai- Rs 104.38
  • Chennai- Rs 100.59
  • Kolkata- Rs 99.43

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