Fuel prices hiked for second straight day


New Delhi: Fuel prices were raised for a second consecutive day on Wednesday, by as many as 80 paise per litre, a day after these were hiked for the first time since November 2 last year. On March 22 as well, there was a rise of 80 paise per litre for both petrol and diesel.

A litre of petrol in Delhi will now cost RS 97.01, while diesel price has been raised to Rs 88.27.

After the fresh surge, a litre of petrol in Delhi costs ₹97.01, while diesel is available at ₹88.27. The corresponding rates for three other metros–Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai–are ₹111.67 and ₹95.85, ₹106.34 and ₹91.42, and ₹102.91 and ₹92.95, respectively.

This latest increase means that at ₹84.30 per litre, petrol is cheapest in Andaman and Nicobar’s Port Blair (diesel at ₹78.52), while in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar these are retailing at ₹113.87 (petrol) and ₹96.91 (diesel), the highest on both counts across the country.


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