Fuel prices hiked for 20th day straight


New Delhi: The prices of petrol and diesel continued their upward trend for 20th day in a row. Petrol prices in the national capital have reached Rs 80.13 per litre on June 26, up by 21 paise from yesterday’s Rs 79.92 per litre; while diesel prices in Delhi also rose to Rs 80.19 per litre – up by 17 paise compared to yesterday’s Rs 80.02 per litre.

Except for Wednesday, the petrol price has also gone up across the country since June 7, when the daily revision of prices started after a gap of 82 days due to Covid-19.

The state government’s increased value-added tax (VAT) on diesel since May is causing the fuel’s prices to soar in Delhi. VAT was increased to 30 percent for both petrol and diesel from 27 percent and 16.75 percent, respectively.

Coupled with the Centre’s hiked excise duty of Rs 3 per litre since March 14 and then Rs 10 per litre on petrol and Rs 13 per litre on diesel since May 5 has affected prices.

The Opposition has been relentlessly attacking the government over the fuel price hike. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said on Thursday that it has become clear that the Centre is only interested in picking pockets of the people even in times of crisis.

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