Fuel prices hiked again!

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New Delhi: Petrol and fuel prices hit a new high across the country on Saturday. In Delhi, petrol costs Rs 103.84 per litre, a 30 paise increase, while diesel costs Rs 92.47 per litre, a 35 paise increase.

In Mumbai, petrol costs Rs 109.83 per litre, a 29-paisa rise, while diesel costs Rs 100.29 per litre, a 37-paisa increase.

In Chennai, a litre of fuel costs Rs 101.27, an increase of 26 paise. On Saturday, the price of a litre of fuel was Rs 96.93, a 33-paise increase.

Petrol costs Rs 104.52 per litre in Kolkata, which is 29 paise more expensive, while diesel costs Rs 95.58 per litre, which is also 35 paise more expensive.

In Bhopal, petrol prices Rs 112.38, up 31 paise from the previous day, while diesel costs Rs 101.54, up 37 paise.

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