Fuel prices hike continues for seventh day in a row

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New Delhi: Fuel (Petrol and diesel) prices were hiked across the country for the seventh consecutive day on Monday.

Prices of petrol and diesel rise by ₹0.30 (at ₹104.44/litre) and ₹0.35 (at ₹93.17/litre) respectively in Delhi today.

In Mumbai, petrol is priced at ₹110.41/litre (up by ₹0.29) and diesel costs ₹101.03/litre (up by ₹0.37) today.

Petrol has become costlier at ₹105.09 in Kolkata whereas diesel is being sold at ₹96.28. Meanwhile, in Tamil Nadu’s capital city Chennai, petrol price has been hiked to ₹101.79 and diesel is being retailed at ₹97.59.

In Karnataka’s capital city Bengaluru, petrol price has increased to ₹108.08 while diesel is being sold at ₹98.89 per litre

Prices differ from state to state depending on the incidence of local taxes.

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