French Company Safran Offers 100% Technology Transfer In India’s Shakti Jet Engine Project

New Delhi: French jet engine maker Safran is ready for 100% technology transfer of a jet engine to India for powering the latter’s fifth-generation stealth fighter aircraft.

Indian Ambassador to France, Jawed Ashraf, said Safran was willing to transfer technology. India and France are already discussing the cooperation between Safran and India’s Defense Research and Development Organization.

Ashraf said the primary focus of the deliberations at present was to align the engine specifications with India’s future fighter jet requirements. He said India was looking for a comprehensive approach to tech transfer beyond just the transfer of manufacturing technology.

The deal aims to delve into the actual design phase, metallurgical aspects, and other critical elements that contribute to developing advanced jet engines.

Safran, a key player in the aerospace industry, is willing to engage with the Indian military research agency across various phases of the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) project, including design development, certification, and production.

When the negotiations conclude, and the deal between the French firm and the Indian side is concluded, this would mark the second such arrangement India has entered into recently to meet its unfulfilled need for a jet engine for its indigenous combat aircraft projects.

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