France lifts lockdown, imposes evening curfew

Paris: France has now decided to lift lockdown restrictions ahead of the holiday season but night curfews will continue.

France imposed an 8 p.m.-6 a.m. curfew from Tuesday to curb the still-high number of COVID-19 cases, as the country has recorded more than 2.45 million infections as of Wednesday.

Curfew rules will be suspended for Christmas Eve, but the rule will stay in place for New Year’s Eve to avoid mass gatherings. Bars and restaurants must remain closed until at least January 20.

Points to remember:

  • All non-essential businesses, including restaurants, bars, and cafes, were closed.
  • The de-confinement comes just a day after France saw a huge fall in daily infections from 11,533 on Sunday to 3,063 on Monday. Fatalities however doubled to 372 from Sunday’s 155.
  • The tally of infections is over 2.37 million with the death toll over 58,000, according to the Health Ministry.
  • Hospitalizations stand at 8,722 as of Tuesday morning, with a total of 1,159 people in intensive care.
  • Travel during curfew hours will only be allowed for health or work after prior permission from local authorities.
  • The wearing of masks in all indoor and outdoor spaces will remain mandatory.
  • Those found in violation of the curfew will face a €135 fine.
  • The travel limitation of 20 kilometers within three hours will be lifted to allow inter-city and international travel.
  • Travelers who arrive at their destinations after the start of lockdown in the evening will not be penalized.

The new lockdown will run from 16 December to 10 January, but this will be relaxed from 24 to 26 December when one household will be able to invite a maximum of four close family members from other households.