Four Yoga Poses to Overcome Laziness


New Delhi: Laziness is one such aspect of life that requires expert advice. We all have experienced the phenomenon of laziness, sometimes closely battled with it and for most of us, it is a very dear subject.

Initially, if you feel lazy, practicing too many yoga asanas might be too much for you. Therefore we are mentioning only the major 4 yoga postures that can be practiced by anyone which will help to remove laziness. So, here we go!

1.Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is a beginner’s yoga pose that can be done in complete relaxation. It is also termed as Balasana. Kneel on your bed in such a way that your hips are folded and aligned with your legs to touch the feet. Roll your torso and bring forward your shoulders and hands in front of you.

Holding this pose for a few seconds will work wonders for your body. Moreover, you can also attempt a wide child’s pose by widening your knees.

This pose extensively calms your mind, relieves back pain, aids digestion opens up your hips and reminds you that relaxation can also bring in goodness to your health.

2. Reclining Goddess Pose

Lie on your back and gently bend your knees in such a way that the soles of your feet touch each other.

When you are able to achieve this pose, indulge yourself in deep breaths. While performing this pose, you can either stretch your hands above your head or simply rest them at your sides.

This pose stretches the hips, groin, knees, and thighs. Moreover, it stimulates your heart and improves blood circulation, maintaining sound cardiac health.

3. Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose

Before performing this yoga pose, make sure your bed lies beside a wall. You simply need to lie on your back when you are on the bed and stretch your legs pointing upwards to the ceiling. While stretching legs, simply take the support of the wall and inhale with hands apart on your sides. Before you relax from this pose, hold it for two minutes.

Turning your hips towards the wall in such a way that the hips are creating a right angle your buttocks is one of the most effective ways to grab benefits from this pose. When you get along with this upside-down relaxing pose, blood circulates upwards and regulates the functioning of your body.

4. Cobra Pose

Lie on your belly and hold your torso backward in such a way that your head pulls up towards the ceiling as if you are kissing it. While holding yourself up from the bed, see to it that your forearms are placed on the bed, elbows underneath your shoulders. When you become comfortable with holding this position, you can even raise your elbows off your bed.

Holding this pose for 5 seconds while taking deep breaths, you are increasing the flexibility of your spine and doing wonders to your hips.

Also known as Bhujangasana, it has the potential to heal complications in the body as it stretches the muscles in the shoulders, chest and abdominals. Moreover, it also improves menstrual irregularities, elevates mood, decreases the stiffness of the lower back, increases flexibility, and invigorates the heart and much more.

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