Four sailors removed from INS Sandhayak off Paradip coast in disciplinary action


Paradip: In a disciplinary action conducted on the survey ship INS Sandhayak off Paradip coast, four sailors were taken off the ship in a helicopter. Accused of insubordination, the sailors had reportedly slapped an officer on board.

As per sources the sailors were ordered to pull survey motor boats on board which they had failed to do following which an official had asked them to stand in attention but one sailor bent down to express disobedience. When the officer forcibly tried to make him stand in attention position he slapped the officer and soon the other three joined him.

Soon security teams had to be called and the four sailors now facing disciplinary action were removed from the ship in a helicopter brought for the purpose. As per the Navy statement, it was “an incident of insubordination involving young sailors yesterday”.

“Indian armed forces are known for maintaining a very high standard of discipline… There is no scope for tolerance for such incidents,” said the statement.

The operations of the indigenously built survey ship INS Sandhayak have recommenced.

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