Former Pak PM Imran Khan Alleges Assassination Plot By Top Cops


Islamabad: Former Pakistan Prime Minister and president of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has alleged that the police chiefs of Islamabad and Punjab, along with their “handlers”, are plotting to assassinate him.

Khan claimed that the two Inspector Generals have formed separate squads to provoke an armed retaliation from the PTI workers, eventually leading to his assassination, reported Dawn. The former prime minister also alleged that the IGs and handlers have planned a Model Town-type murder.

In response to the alleged plan, Khan instructed his supporters not to provoke the police at any cost. He also urged the youth to stand up against the incumbent government’s oppression, even if he is killed. The PTI chairman emphasized that the movement would not be stopped, the Dawn report stated.

Imran Khan claimed that he has been issued a contempt notice for not reaching the courtroom in the Islamabad Judicial Complex. He addressed the Islamabad High Court chief justice and explained his ordeal from Lahore to Islamabad, particularly his five-hour struggle from the Islamabad Toll Plaza to the judicial complex.

According to Khan, neither his party workers nor the public had been violent. He also questioned the police’s violence against PTI supporters in such circumstances.

He said that the police, army, and unknown people wearing Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) uniform had planned to take his vehicle inside the complex, close the gates, create a violent situation, and kill him in a Murtaza Bhutto-type murder. However, Khan returned from the gate after signing the attendance register, Dawn reported.


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