Forest Department safeguards people from wild jumbos


Bhubaneswar: Wild elephants that have come from Chandaka forest are causing a threat to life and property in nearby villages. The Forest Department has hence taken up some measures to control elephant menace around Chandaka.

Department officials on Thursday interacted with villagers and made them aware on how to tackle advent of any elephants from the forest. The forest officials announced the messages through microphone and even pasted posters with the instructions for villagers to be confined to their houses from afternoon hours till 8 am in the morning.

During the last few days, the jumbos have frightened the locals of the area at times by entering into their residential establishments and sometimes entering into the farm lands and scaring their cattle. Villagers have even constructed boundary walls all across the house and also roam throughout the night with fire torches to scare away the elephants.

The department has also deployed armed forces of around 30 officers in teams to safeguard people’s lives.

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