Foreign Trade Policy Extended For Six Months


New Delhi: The government has decided to extend the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20, valid till Sept 30, 2022 for a further period of six months, w.e.f. October 1st , 2022.

So, the current Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20, which valid till September 30, 2022, has now been extended for a further period of six months till March 2023.

The government has received requests from Export Promotion Councils and leading exporters to continue with the current Foreign Trade Policy (2015-20), which had been extended from time to time.

In recent days, exporters and industry bodies have strongly urged the government that in view of the prevailing, volatile global economic and geopolitical situation, it would be advisable to extend the current policy for some time, and undertake more consultations before coming out with the new policy. The government has always involved all stakeholders in formulating policy.

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