For Better Sleep At Night Keep Your Smartphone Away


Bhubaneswar: In today’s world Smartphone have become a part and parcel of our lives. Although Smartphone had made our life easy in numerous ways its excessive use may cause some worrying health outcomes.

Heavy usage of smartphones usage can result in sleep problems and may cause difficulty in sleep or insomnia. Several studies suggested that smartphones emit an evening blue-light – that causes obesity, sleep disturbances and much more. It is also believed that people who consume electronic media in bed are at higher risk for insomnia.

Moreover, Smartphones—like laptops, tablets, and televisions—emit something called blue light, which is a type of light that the brain interprets as daylight.  The brain gets confused and thinks that the sun is out—making it even tougher to fall asleep.

It is advisable to set yourself free from the tech world during bedtime. You may develop a habit of reading book, switching to an old-fashioned alarm clock and keep your phone in another room overnight for better sleep.

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