Foolproof security makes Times Square safest for New Year celebration


New York: Times Square in New York city is the safest place on Earth for New Year’s Eve, according to Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism.

The reports said thousands of police officers will be on duty for Tuesday night’s festivities, along with specialized units armed with long guns, bomb-sniffing dogs and other measures.

The police drones are expected to keep watch over the celebration.

This weatherman has predicted some clouds, but no rain and none of the bitter cold that iced out spectators two years ago. The NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism, John Miller, said various security measures have virtually converted the city invincible.

Miller said Times Square is probably going to be the safest place on the planet Earth on New Year’s Eve because nobody else puts that kind of effort into an event like this.

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