Foods That Help To Prevent Kidney Stones


New Delhi: Kidneys play vital roles in our body like removing waste products from your blood and producing hormones that regulate your blood pressure. Kidney stone is more common in males as compared to females. Here are some home remedies that focus on effective solutions for kidney stones.

Water:  Increasing the amount of water intake leads to increased urine output. It may also help in flushing out smaller kidney stones. Increasing the urine output prevents the concentration of the waste product, thereby decreasing the chances of kidney stones.

Green Tea: Green tea may help reduce the deposition of calcium in the kidney. It may also decrease oxalate excretion in urine. Increased fluid intake may also help in the formation of clear urine.

Raspberry: Raspberry may reduce urine calcium and phosphorus levels and may help expel stones from the urinary tract. It may also reduce the growth of kidney stones.

Pomegranate:   Pomegranate is a rich source of active phytochemicals which may ease the burning sensation in urine. The phytochemicals may also show muscle relaxant properties, resulting in the removal of stones from the kidney. Drinking fresh pomegranate juice may help manage kidney stones.

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